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Lt. General Harold G. Moore


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American soldiers in battle don’t fight for what some president says on T.V., they don’t fight for mom, apple pie, the American flag…they fight for one another.' other.'

- Lt. Col. Hal Moore

'If you’re going to go to war against a major enemy, go; knock the hell out of him fast, and go in there to kill him and get it over with.'

- Retired Lieutenant General Harold Moore

Lt. Col. Hal Moore’s simple rules governing media visits to his unit, the 1st Battalion 7th Cavalry in Vietnam in 1965.

To The Press: Don’t get in the way, and don’t give out information that would help the enemy.

To His Troops: Tell the Truth, and speak from your pay-grade. Don’t try to answer questions that would better be directed to the battalion commander or Gen. William Westmoreland or President Lyndon Johnson. If you are a squad leader, answer questions about what you know and do.